Float centre
GRAVITI in Lyon:
re-energise your body
and your mind gently

Between the famous Lyon Part Dieu train station and the no less famous Parc de la Tête d’Or, there is a place out of time and space. This is the GRAVITI spa centre, a rare place offering sensory isolation sessions.

To disconnect the body and mind from the city life of Lyon, what could be more pleasant and effective than one of these famous floating bubbles to forget worries, pressures, and little hurts? Let’s go for a unique experience in a zen setting that you won’t soon forget.

Life in Lyon is hectic, the capital of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region is the second most attractive place in France! It offers many activities, opportunities, recreation, etc. And in this waltz of lights, noises and sensations, an oasis of calm exists. A place where, in a one-hour session, you can regenerate your body and mind, much more than with a massage or a yoga class. Welcome to the GRAVITI spa in Lyon.

Sensory deprivation tanks in Lyon: floating to feel better

Our brand offers a unique experience with state-of-the-art sensory isolation boxes.

We invite you to gently let go of visual, sound, tactile and intellectual stimuli. A small cocoon of tranquillity, of absolute calm in a state of weightlessness that reminds us, according to some of our clients, of a stay in the maternal womb.

Sensory insulation: decompressing on all levels

Modern life, between work, family and social networks, is made of multiple interactions and mini-aggressions. Hearing, smell, sight, touch… our senses are never at rest, even during sleep.

Imagine, in the centre of Lyon, a place of absolute relaxation

This is what we offer with our sensory isolation pods.

The ancestor of our pods, true cocoons of softness and calm, were not so comfortable. And yet. Completely immersed in water, with a narrow and uncomfortable outfit and an awkward breathing mask, the first users, including the inventor, nevertheless experienced a state close to deep meditation.

Imagine the feeling of our super comfortable hi-tech pods made by the world leader in the market with 25 years of experience.

Between a space capsule and a futuristic cocoon, our boxes allow the body to float without constraints. In water at an ideal temperature, with a high concentration of Epsom salt, you are 80% weightless and your mind is free of all parasitic sensations.

From the very first minutes of the session, you will have an exceptional experience.

First of all, your body relaxes; muscles, joints and organs relax. Then the mind wanders and calms down. The benefits are ultimately proven by science.

Benefits of sensory isolation

More than 200 studies have been conducted on the physical, intellectual and psychological benefits of sensory isolation.

The general relaxation and the intense relaxation trigger deep physiological processes.

The tension in the muscles and joints, and in some organs, disappears after a few minutes. The result: chronic and postural pain is reduced, including premenstrual pain.

Cortisol levels drop and allow stress to be reduced to a deep level with positive impacts on sleep and anxiety.

Theta waves take precedence over Alpha waves in the brain. As in a deep meditation (for experienced people) or a hypnosis session, they act on anxiety disorders, depressive states but also promote creativity, brain activity, concentration, etc. This is the aim of some of our clients who choose an “active” session. Some athletes or business leaders take advantage of sensory isolation to develop their creativity or performance gently and thoroughly.

For these reasons, everyone will have a unique experience, every time.

Sensory isolation is an intimate adventure, special to each session.

To find out more about the benefits of sensory isolation boxes, visit this page.

A la carte flotation at the float therapy specialist in Lyon

Our team at the GRAVITI spa centre in Lyon is entirely at your service to ensure that this extraordinary moment of relaxation is successful. You can choose an accompanying music to start your session, this will also be the one that will tell you when the hour is over. We also have an active meditation recording to put you in the best possible condition.

For the first time, or for people suffering from claustrophobia, the pod can be half-open and the light turned on; a soothing blue colour that will still contribute to relaxation.

Before the session, our spa team will give you precise information on how it works, and you will also be able to read an explanatory document to accompany your experience.

Our flotation tanks are designed for sportsmen: no need to worry about size, they are 2.40 m by 1.70 m. It also allows everyone to sit in the position they want.

While it is recommended to float naked, and in the opinion of most customers it is more effective, again you are free to wear a swimming costume. A shower is necessary before and after the session.

We have strict hygiene rules. Even though Epsom salt makes the environment sterile, we filter the water in the pools three times after each session and then treat it with bactericidal UV light. Of course, the room, shower and capsule are also disinfected. And you don’t have to worry about a lot: you’ll find everything you need in the shower area (cream, shampoo, hairdryer, towels, etc.)

At the end of the session, the experience of relaxation is such that it is appropriate to mark a moment of “wake-up” before resuming one’s activities. Head for our decompression lounge with its super-comfortable deckchairs. An infusion will accompany your return to the “normal world”. As well as a conversation with a member of our team, a debriefing which all our clients agree is an essential shared time.

Whether it’s for you or as a gift for a loved one, find all our booking procedures and priceshere.Take advantage of our discounted rates or our “weekly offer” which makes our spa the cheapest in Lyon.

And to satisfy our often overworked customers, we are open 7 days a week from 10.30am to 10.30pm. Here too, the timetable has been designed to enable the majority of people in Lyon and its region to enjoy the benefits of sensory isolation.

Where is GRAVITI spa in LYON?

Our centre is located at 31 rue Ney, in the 6th arrondissement.

There are three car parks nearby: Parc Ney less than 100 metres away, Tête d’Or and Parc Curie.

By metro, we are between Masséna and Brotteaux stations.

And if you take the tramway: Line A, Charpennes – Charles Hernu station

There is also a convenient bus station a few metres from the centre.