The perfect wellness gift
in the heart of Lyon

Don’t look any further for the gift that will both please and benefit your family and friends: book them a sensory isolation session in our GRAVITI spa in Lyon. A highly original activity open to all, and above all a unique and unforgettable experience. For last minute gifts, a voucher for a session is available in a few clicks.

Let us now prove to you the benefits of sensory deprivation

Finding an original gift can be a daunting task Especially if you are looking for ideas around the body, care, health, in short if you want to do good to the person who will receive it.

Lyon and its region are full of opportunities, especially in the area of relaxation and well-being! Nevertheless, massage, facials, yoga, reflexology or hammam sessions, etc… have become quite common gifts when you want to please someone while caring about their health.

What if you were to offer a gift that is both uniquely original and uniquely effective for the health of both the body and the mind?

A gift that will leave a deep impression on the person who receives it because of its benefits and simplicity?

Sensory isolation in our GRAVITI spa centre (located between Lyon Part Dieu and the Parc de la Tête d’Or) is THE solution.

Why is a sensory isolation session in our Lyon spa centre the ultimate wellness gift ?

How better to show your attachment to someone than by giving them the most effective gift in terms of relaxation, stress relief and soothing?

More than 200 scientific studies have been conducted – and continue to be conducted – on the benefits of sensory insulation on health and well-being.

During a one-hour session, the person floats in an environment designed to erase all disturbances, all external stimuli, all nuisances. A haven of peace in the hectic life of Lyon and its region.

Our hi-tech float tanks are the distant descendants of the much less comfortable early ones, designed to test sensory deprivation on the physical and psychological. Very quickly, the army and NASA got hold of it, before a first wave of popularity was born in the United States, in particular among high-level athletes looking for muscle relaxation and concentration

Nowadays, everything is done for the comfort of the customers. The futuristically shaped tanks offer unparalleled buoyancy thanks to water saturated with Epsom salt.

To reinforce this feeling of weightlessness, the water and air are at an ideal temperature, erasing any sensation of touch. The result: 80% of the body’s weight magically disappears. Absolute silence (or meditative music), light off (or soft night light) and the participant travels out of time and space.

At a time when our bodies and minds are continually stressed, stimulated and assaulted, sensory isolation is a wellness solution that provides a range of recognised benefits. Instead of multiplying sessions of massage, relaxation, yoga, sophrology, sports, treatments, etc., here is a gentle all-in-one solution.

Benefits for the body, mind and spirit

Unlike “classic” wellness treatments, sensory isolation provides holistic benefits of “holos” whole and “therapeia” care.

An hour spent in our floatation bubbles will have long-term effects:

– on chronic or postural pain by the unequalled relaxation of joints, muscles and organs, the effects are effective in particular on pre-menstrual syndromes or rheumatoid arthritis,

– on stress by resting the brain free of the excitements provided by the senses,

– on muscle recovery for athletes, more effective than a massage and without discomfort, unlike cryotherapy,

– at the intellectual level: concentration, creativity and learning. An ideal gift for a stressed businessman or a student preparing for exams,

– on improving the quality of sleep,

– on the brain waves: the beta waves of the brain will give way to theta waves for an easily achieved deep meditation effect. The care acts on the symptoms of depression, anxiety, addictions, etc.

To find out more about all the benefits of floatation sessions, read our dedicated pagehere.

Floating in our bubbles is an activity with few contraindications*.

This gift will delight adventurous minds looking for new sensations. Young and old are welcome as well as people suffering from stress, pathologies relieved by floating (insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression, etc.).

Our caissons are large and can accommodate a number of tall or big athletes.

In short, as you can see, this gift is for everyone.

And all of our customers agree: deep disconnection increases the feeling of well-being in a sustainable way and with disconcerting ease.

An à la carte treatment of extraordinary simplicity

What to bring for a float session? The answer is simple: nothing.

Everything is available on site: slides, towels, shower, shampoo, hair dryer, body and face creams, etc.

The majority of our clients float around naked, but you can of course wear a swimming costume.

Simplicity is the order of the day, unlike other wellness gifts (massages, sports sessions, etc.) that require either a lot of paraphernalia or some physical effort.

If people are afraid of claustrophobia, no worries: sessions can take place with the capsule door ajar and a soft blue light on. Music can also accompany them on their journey.

A shared time to “land”.

At the end of the float hour, a moment of decompression is welcome to gently reconnect to reality. A herbal tea or tea is offered in a cosy lounge with comfortable deckchairs. It is also a tmoment to discuss and debrief with a member of our team. A friendly debriefing appreciated by all our clients.

A unique and memorable experience

Is this range of sensations outside of time and space, beneficial for the body and mind, without constraints, but, on the contrary, in unequalled comfort the ideal gift? We believe so.

There is no comparable activity in the wellness market in Lyon.

And if you’re not sure, there’s nothing to stop you from testing it before you give your gift. You will see that we are far from exaggerating.

Offer a wellness gift voucher in Lyon in a few minutes

On the practical side, everything has been done to make things easier for you.

On our dedicated page, you can obtain a gift voucher for a session or a loyalty card in a few clicks.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the DUO rate for an unforgettable activity for two. Even more for a hen/man party for example.

The person(s) will receive a personalised email by email, ideal for last minute gifts. But you can also opt to send a personalised “physical” gift voucher by post entitled : “Invitation to levitation”. We can also print it out directly at our spa centre in Bordeaux when the gift is purchased, and the person can of course also come and collect it.

Whether it is for a loyalty card or a single session, the validity is 6 months for the first appointment. The beneficiary may, at any time, reserve a time slot on our site at this page.

Our wellness island is located at 31 rue Ney in Lyon, in the 6th arrondissement.

There are three car parks nearby, including the Ney car park less than 80 metres from the centre. The other two are the famous Lyon la Tête d’Or park and the Parc Curie.

Line A of the metro runs nearby at the Massena stop.

The nearest tram station is Charpennes-Charles Hernu, a four-minute walk away.

There are numerous bicycle parking facilities around our float institute.

* Floating is not recommended for people :

  • with epilepsy
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • carrying any infectious disease,
  • with an open wound,
  • suffering serious psychiatric issues.

In doubt, please seek medical advice.

Wellness gift voucher Lyon

It is a wellness gift, unusual and original at the same time

It is a life-changing experience that the person receiving the gift has probably not yet experienced

It is an activity that can be used by athletes, stressed people, “adventurers”, as well as people suffering from pathologies that are relieved by floating (insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression, etc.).

Floating attracts men and women from 20 to 80 years old, individuals or couples to share the experience (each to their own capsule)

It is a good alternative to massage/spas/hammam/yoga but also an idea for an outing/activity alone or in pairs. For athletes it is an alternative to cryo


On the practical side, the gift vouchers are valid for 6 months, and the person to whom it was given can make a reservation online directly on our website

The gift voucher can either be sent by email or it is a nice physical gift voucher to offer “Invitation to Levitation”. This physical gift voucher is either sent by post or can be purchased / collected from your float centre.