Float room :
the other motionless journey

In our spa centres in Lyon and Bordeaux, which specialise in float therapy, we are dedicated to fine-tune every detail for a zen and relaxing welcome. The choice of our sensory deprivation cabins was of course at the heart of our concerns; they were selected to offer you a real sensory journey in weightlessness, an unequalled relaxation session.

Here is some information on these technological pods designed for the well-being of your body and mind.

Floating in an unrestricted universe, free of external stimuli, finally being at peace in a protective cocoon at an ideal temperature, this is the unique experience that GRAVITI offers you in its sensory isolation bubbles.

Far from the first capsules, made to study the effects of sensory deprivation and without any comfort, our cabins are elaborated by the world leader of this type of products. A company with no less than 25 years of research background to combine design and performance. And above all, to provide a range of exceptional benefits for the body and mind.

Bubbles created for unrestricted floating

Each sensory isolation cabin is a little jewel of technology set in a futuristic design.

Elegant and organic curves, resolutely futuristic, the insulation capsule is at the same time atypical and familiar.

However, behind this pod lies a hi-tech system for waterproofing, temperature management, sensory insulation and hygiene.


The soundproofing is optimal: even the air exchange system is not audible. The cabin has an integrated stereo system for playing music or guided meditation and relaxation sessions. The sound remains audible even with the ears, fitted with plugs, under the surface of the water. The session can therefore take place in complete silence or with soothing music.

The air and water are kept at an ideal temperature to minimise the sensation of contact on the body.

The cabin basin contains 1000 litres of water saturated with Epsom salt – thanks to this concentration, the body “loses” 80% of its weight! Between the salt and the temperature, the body floats without constraint or uncomfortable sensations.

The lid is of course sealed to ensure complete darkness, but also easy to open. For people with claustrophobia, it can remain ajar during the session.

Particular attention has of course been paid to hygiene.

A complete and rapid filtering system allows the water to be passed three times between each session through a filter with one micron holes. The water is also treated with UV light to eradicate any micro-organisms that might survive, despite the concentration of Epsom salt.


Finally, our isolation capsules are spacious.

It should be noted that isolation boxes are part of the care package that has become essential for some American basketball teams.

Over 2.40 metres long and 1.70 metres wide! Tall athletes, pregnant women (under certain conditions), people with reduced mobility or fear of claustrophobia are welcome. Once closed, the cabin is really spacious and allows you to find THE right body posture: lying down, fetal position, arms above the head, etc.

As you can see, everything is done to offer you unprecedented relaxation, including a massage or a yoga session… And this without any effort, and for benefits studied by science since the 1960s.

Float room: benefits still being studied

There are hundreds of publications by researchers on the positive effects of floating on the body and mind.

One of the latest studies (read the full article onblog pagedefines flotation as a “natural antidepressant”.

Participants with a large majority of depression reported significant reductions in the stress, muscle tension, pain, depression, accompanied by improved mood, increased serenity, relaxation, happiness and a general sense of well-being. And the more depressed people were, the more profound the benefits.

Floating in a sensory isolation cabin abolishes the boundaries of time and space.

The body finds himself, for the first time since his birth, in a state of complete weightlessness. Muscles, joints and organs relax. Chronic pain disappears, as do many of the symptoms. Athletes will appreciate the muscle recovery, which is less stressful than a massage or cryotherapy session.

The mind rambles and calms down. Stress and negative thoughts fade away as cortisol levels drop, which will also improve sleep well after the session.

However, beyond deep relaxation, including at the intellectual level, the brain can also be active: aiding learning, concentration and stimulation of creativity, etc. Our team will give you more information about this “active” relaxation technique.

The spirit escapes, loses track of time and space. Theta brain waves take over. You are in a state of deep meditation. It is this process, in particular, that plays on stress and anxiety and provides a sense of well-being that lasts beyond the session.

To find out more about all the benefits of sensory isolation booths, read our special pageshere.

Between yoga and sophrology, massage and deep meditation, it is difficult to explain the effects of a session. Everyone lives their own inner journey. Nevertheless, all our clients’ opinions are unanimous: they have never had such an experience and feel an unequalled well-being, a deep and lasting relaxation.

So don’t wait any longer to book your session.

An hour in a sensory isolation cabin is also a great gift to give. The activity can be practised with several people, or in couple (each one in his own chamber or in double – only available in Bordeaux).

There are few contraindications to floating and the sessions are open to all ages (more information on our FAQ).

Our teams are waiting for you in our spa centres in Bordeaux and Lyon to offer you a unique, memorable and exceptional experience.