Sensory deprivation in Bordeaux :
an unforgettable wellness gift

Looking for an original gift? A present that will not only surprise but also bring proven benefits to your family and friends?
An original, unusual activity AND a unique experience?

Look no further: a sensory isolation session at our GRAVITI spa centre in Bordeaux is the perfect wellness gift.

It is often difficult to find an original gift in the field of well-being: massage, beauty treatments, hammam sessions, etc. It doesn’t take long to find gifts or activities that are good for the body and mind.

In the centre of Bordeaux, there is a place that offers an atypical, unique experience that will leave a deep impression on the person you want to pamper: welcome to the GRAVITI spa centre, which offers sensory isolation sessions in hi-tech chambers.

Sensory deprivation : a complete treatment for body and mind

The GRAVITI spa centre in Bordeaux is entirely dedicated to sensory isolation.

In a futuristic-looking pod, water saturated with Epsom salt makes the body float in a state of weightlessness unseen in nature. Four times saltier than the famous Black Sea… The capsule is completely soundproof. The temperature of the water and air is carefully calibrated so that the sense of touch “fades”.

Welcome to the amazing world of sensory isolation.

In our capsules, time and space are no longer an issue, the relaxation of body and mind is optimal.

You don’t have to be a meditation pro or schedule several yoga or massage sessions to relieve stress and experience the effects of deep meditation.

It is certainly the most effective and complete wellness gift you can give to a loved one.

More than 200 scientific studies have demonstrated the positive physical, intellectual and psychological effects. This real weightlessness of the body and mind has many benefits.

Here are some of them: reduction of stress and chronic pain or certain symptoms (premenstrual pain, fibromyalgia, etc.), help for concentration, stimulation of creativity, improvement of sleep, relief of depression and anxiety symptoms, etc.

(to find out more about all the benefits of sensory insulation, go to thispage)

There is no other wellness practice that effortlessly and comfortably regenerates the body and mind.

A sensory isolation session is certainly one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one.

The wellness gift voucher in Bordeaux for everyone

There are few contraindications to a sensory isolation session*.

You can float on your own from the age of 14; below this age, written permission and parental guidance are required.

This treatment is open to everyone and its benefits are universal.

However, this gift will hit the spot for some people:

– athletes will find a complete recovery time (muscles, joints) as well as a new way to refine their gestures. It is a gentle alternative to cryotherapy. At present, teams from a wide range of sports are using it, especially in the United States. Carl Lewis was a fan of isolation chamber visualisation techniques to refine his long jump before the 1988 Seoul games. He won the gold medal.

– people under constant stress They will find it an easy and unrestricted way to relieve tension in body and mind. Absolute relaxation to start off on the right foot.

– your relatives suffering from certain pathologies : insomnia, postural or chronic pain, depression, etc. The well-being provided by sensory insulation will give them welcome relief.

– artists : they will find an original development of their creativity, studies have been made in particular with jazz musicians.

– students: concentration and stress relief, invaluable gifts in exam time..

– people working to overcome an addiction : it is always a difficult time to give up cigarettes, alcohol or other substances. Sessions in our spa centre are a real help that should not be overlooked. It is well known that John Lennon treated his heroin addiction with this type of treatment.

– an alternative to massages, hammams and saunas, yoga, reflexology, etc : some people don’t like massages; yoga, like meditation, is a discipline that bears fruit after many sessions. The simplicity of our activity is made for them: in a few minutes, they will feel profound effects.

– “adventurers” : as you can see, we offer a unique and original gift. It will delight people looking for unusual activities. Their eyes will shine at the sight of our capsules, between spaceship and futuristic cocoon, before having an unforgettable experience, a journey in the space of the unseen mind… And amazing things to tell on their return.

– an activity for two : a “duo” gift voucher is available at a preferential rate. Our Bordeaux spa centre is one of the few to offer a large open pool for two. An original alternative to the usual wedding or anniversary gifts.


A personalised welcome, an “à la carte” experience

The person to whom you give this gift voucher will be pampered by our team. As soon as they arrive at our zen Centre, we will explain to them how the sessions work, how to make them a real time of well-being and how to use the equipment.

Note: she/he will not need anything. All the accessories are provided: slides, shampoo, soap, beauty and care cream, towels, etc.

Of course, there may be some apprehension, but there is no need to panic, even for people prone to claustrophobia. The session can be conducted with the lid of the capsule open or with the soft blue light on.

To accompany her on this unprecedented journey, she will have a choice of sounds and music played in the first few minutes. She may also choose a gentle voice to accompany her in a guided meditation.

At the end of the session, time is devoted to a smooth return to normal. We have set up a cosy space where the recipient of the gift can ‘land’ with a cup of tea or a brew. This special moment will be shared with one of our employees: a time of exchange appreciated by all our customers.

The GRAVITI well-being gift voucher in Bordeaux: an unusual present a few clicks away

On the practical side, everything has been done to make things easier for you.

A last minute invitation? With a few clicks you can order a session or offer a gift voucher by e-mail and send it with a personal message.

If you want a more traditional gift, you’ll be delighted with our personalised ‘Invitation to Levitation’ voucher. It can be sent by post or purchased directly at the reception of our Bordeaux centre.

The gift voucher is valid for 6 months and the booking of the session is done directly on our website at thispage.

Our spa is located in the centre of Bordeaux, at number 62 rue Lucien Faure, not far from the Cité du Vin. For more information on access facilities, see here.

* * Float therapy is not recommended for people :

  • with epilepsy
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • carrying any infectious disease,
  • with an open wound,
  • suffering serious psychiatric issues.

In doubt, please seek medical advice.