Float therapy

in sensory deprivation

Floating consists of letting yourself be carried by water saturated with Epsom salt, at skin temperature for 1 hour in a sensory deprivation capsule. Freed from the visual and sound stimulations of the world, you slip into a deep meditative state, regenerating both body and mind.

The weightlessness effect


At the surface of 30 cm of water, 4 times saltier than the Dead Sea, your body floats as if in levitation. Gravity is reduced by 80%. Your muscles stretch and relax. Your joint pain is relieved. This feeling of lightness accompanies you several days after the session.



Deprived of external noises and stimuli, beta brain waves (those of wakefulness and activity) gradually give way to theta waves, those of intense relaxation and mindful meditation. These waves are characteristic of paradoxical sleep, the ultimate recovery phase for the mind (emotions, learning, memorization).

Epsom salt

Powerful antiseptic renowned for centuries for its remineralizing properties, it relaxes, accelerates muscle and joint recovery and alleviates skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis). Each flotation capsule contains approximately 500 kg of Epsom salt for only 1000 liters of water.

Experience the most incredible mind body therapy.

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