Float therapy

in sensory deprivation

Floating consists of letting yourself be carried by water saturated with Epsom salt, at skin temperature for 1 hour in a sensory deprivation capsule. Freed from the visual and sound stimulations of the world, you slip into a deep meditative state, regenerating both body and mind.

The weightlessness effect


At the surface of 30 cm of water, 4 times saltier than the Dead Sea, your body floats as if in levitation. Gravity is reduced by 80%. Your muscles stretch and relax. Your joint pain is relieved. This feeling of lightness accompanies you several days after the session.



Deprived of external noises and stimuli, beta brain waves (those of wakefulness and activity) gradually give way to theta waves, those of intense relaxation and mindful meditation. These waves are characteristic of paradoxical sleep, the ultimate recovery phase for the mind (emotions, learning, memorization).

Epsom salt

Powerful antiseptic renowned for centuries for its remineralizing properties, it relaxes, accelerates muscle and joint recovery and alleviates skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis). Each flotation capsule contains approximately 500 kg of Epsom salt for only 1000 liters of water.

Floating in a sensory isolation chamber is a new and surprising experience, unparalleled in the world of wellness treatments.

You don’t need to know yoga poses or practice Zen meditation for years to achieve the ultimate state of relaxation. A float session is accessible to everyone: just lie down in the Epsom salt concentrated water of the sensory isolation cabin and (finally) let yourself go.

Float in a cocoon of softness and well-being

The simplicity of a session should not overshadow the multiple benefits that everyone can get from it.

In a few minutes, a deep relaxation of the brain and the body takes place, a total letting go of the flood of information and constant solicitations of our modern world.

And to help you reach this state of deep relaxation, soft music or meditation accompaniment is offered.

In our floatation tanks, sensory isolation is complete and notions of space and time gradually disappear.

The five main senses are at rest at the same time, a state rarely achieved in our lives.

Taste and smell are on standby as the water and Epsom salt give off a neutral smell.

The view is obscured by the tightness of the isolation box (during the session you can leave the soft blue glow on in your bubble if needed).

Your hearing is protected by the soundproofing of our cabins and comfortable earplugs.

However, the most amazing and effective thing is the abolition of body weight and touch.

Thanks to Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) and a controlled temperature, weightlessness is total and the sense of touch is reduced to zero. The very sensation of floating in water fades away.

And don’t worry, each cabin is spacious enough to accommodate all body types.

This unconstrained levitation is unimaginable anywhere else but in an isolation chamber and it is this chamber that will provide this state of absolute relaxation and the benefits that go with it.

Floating: to each his own inner journey

The opinion of all our customers is unanimous. Floating for an hour in our caissons provides sensations and a well-being that lasts beyond the session.

And every float is different.

Some come to float away the stress of everyday life, to enjoy absolute relaxation.

Others seek healthy help through physical or mental therapy.

Floating relaxes muscles, tendons, joints and organs. It is a perfect time to reduce the symptoms of chronic, joint pain. Athletes come to recover gently from training sessions or after a competition. People suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or premenstrual syndrome find it a welcome and lasting relief.

The brain disconnected from the outside world develops the famous theta brain waves, those of the deep meditative state. And floating reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

In addition to a deep sense of well-being, floating provides relief for people suffering from depression or anxiety, post-traumatic stress or addictions. It is well known that John Lennon overcame his heroin addiction in part through sensory isolation sessions.

The quality of sleep, often problematic in our modern world, is permanently improved.

But one can also float in an “active” way, with a well defined goal for the mind. The abolition of stress on brain activity helps to stimulate creativity, increase concentration and learning. Some athletes use it to mentally refine certain technical gestures. Carl Lewis has honed his long jumping skills through isolation sessions in which he visualises his movements. A few months later, he won the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics.

Others take advantage of this deep meditation for the quasi-mystical purpose of an inner journey, to discover deep emotions.


At the beginning of the session, our team will give you the “float manuals”. You can choose the music that will accompany you while you float or an aid to relaxation or meditation.

After a good shower, before returning to the outside world, a time is devoted to getting back to normal. A comfortable deckchair, a cup of tea or herbal tea and the sharing of your “journey” with a member of our team allow a welcome decompression before leaving relaxed and de-stressed in the daily life.

So don’t wait any longer to enjoy this unique experience, the benefits of floating, book your hour of happiness in the bubbles of our spa centre in Lyon or Bordeaux.

And if you are looking for an original gift idea, extraordinary in the literal sense of the word, let your family and friends enjoy this unparalleled well-being treatment in a few clicks.

Experience the most incredible mind body therapy.

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