Float tank
an experience out of time and space

Spending an hour out of time and space in a sensory isolation chamber has proven benefits for the body and mind. Come and try the experience or offer a unique gift to your loved ones in our GRAVITI spa centres in Lyon and Bordeaux.

On the programme: a weightless float session in a genuine hi-tech cocoon made in the UK by the world leader in the market.

A cutting-edge sensory deprivation tank

Our tanks are made by the world market leader, the result of more than 25 years of work on the subject. They incorporate the latest innovations to provide complete and gentle insulation.

Their design is at the same time futuristic and soft, between cocoon and teardrop, spaceship and womb. The interior is rounded and large enough (2.50 metres by 1.70 metres) to avoid any discomfort and to allow you to find your optimal position quickly at the beginning of the session. They emit a soft, relaxing blue glow. Moreover, a small light under the surface of the water is available during the sessions if the client wishes.

For the others, the sensory isolation is optimal: silence and total darkness are the result.

Although, again at your request, we can play music or a guided meditation in the first few minutes.

In order to forget about your body, in addition to floating, we make sure that the water temperature is kept at 35°, as is the air in the pod (of course, the air is constantly renewed). Scientifically developed ideal temperatures. You are in a bubble of well-being without external stimuli.

The pod is easy to open from the inside and novices or people who are a little claustrophobic can opt for a half-open position of the lid. If a problem occurs (which is extremely rare), there is a button to notify our staff.

Light music will tell you when the time is up, often too quickly for our customers.

As you can see, all our sensory isolation tanks are designed so that the experience can be adapted to your desires and needs.

The benefits of Epsom salt

The buoyancy of the body is ensured by a pool of 30 cm of water in which we have added the famous Epsom salt. We put no less than 500 kg of salt in 1000 litres of water for each capsule to reduce the gravity of your body by 80%!

Epsom salt (or magnesium sulphate) at this concentration provides weightlessness and lightness. It allows you to float without worry or effort while keeping your face out of the water.

Used since the 17th century for its virtues, Epsom salt has multiple benefits for muscles and joints, but also for the skin.

Hygiene is a must

In our sensory isolation centres, hygiene is of course a major focus. First of all, Epsom salt is sterile; it also allows us not to use chlorine, which would be detrimental to the sensory isolation of the sense of smell.

The water in the chamber is filtered three times after each session using a one-micron filter system and is also treated with UV light to kill bacteria. Of course, the water is tested regularly.

The cabins and capsules are also disinfected between each session.

How does a
session work ?

Before coming to our centre for a sensory isolation session, we recommend that our clients eat a light meal and avoid energy drinks (coffee, etc).

A quarter of an hour before entering the personal ‘bubble’, our team familiarises the user with the chamber and the principles of float therapy. You will receive a guide with all the information.

Take a shower (everything is provided: towel, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, etc.) and let’s go for a unique relaxation experience. Floating naked is highly recommended.

As mentioned above, music or meditative accompaniment is provided for the first few minutes, while the brain calms down and the “bubble” effect takes hold.

Then it’s time for an hour-long journey out of time and space.

At the end of the session, after a good shower, return to “normal” life in our relaxation area: tea, infusion and debriefing with our staff are on the menu. The relaxation and the effects of floating are such that it takes a few minutes to get back in the car, for example.

Proven benefits of the sensory deprivation float tank

In the original float tanks, users wore breathing masks and tight, uncomfortable suits, the noise of the pumps was constant… And yet, John Lilly notes a profound relaxation effect.

With the new insulation “bubbles”, with their unequalled comfort, the health benefits are even more numerous, and more than 200 scientific studies prove it.

Float therapy has proven physical benefits: the deep relaxation of muscles and joints acts on the whole body including the organs. Reduction of chronic pain, muscle recovery, relief of premenstrual pain, etc. Find the list of physical effects and scientific studies at this page.

Of course, floating and sensory deprivation has an impact on stress, anxiety, sleep quality, etc.

And in an “active” session, by concentrating on a specific subject, the intellectual benefits go even further: top concentration, creativity and learning are boosted. High-level athletes use it, among other things, to refine their technical movements.

Losing the notion of space and time, being deeply connected with oneself: floating, as the inventor said, is very close to meditation. This protective bubble generates theta waves in the brain, synonymous with a deep meditative state. Well-being, reduction of symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, etc. For more information, please visit our page dedicated to the benefits of sensory deprivation.

A unique experience above all

Without necessarily looking for a goal, floating in our tanks is above all an exceptional moment, providing a state of well-being impossible to find in our modern world. Letting go without side effects * hardly comparable to anything else, no massage, no yoga or meditation session, no sleep.

Some of our clients talk about the feeling of returning to the comfort of the foetus, others about floating out of their body… In short, we are all unique and so are the sensory, physical and emotional sensations during an hour of floating.

Come and make your own opinion in our spa centre in Bordeaux or in Lyon, we assure you of an exceptional moment and a personalized accompaniment.

Our equipment even allows two people to float together to share an unforgettable moment.

And if you are looking for a very original gift, you will have understood that an hour in our floatation-spa centres is a rare, intimate and precious gift. Buy a “gift voucher” online on this page for Lyon and this one for Bordeaux.


* Floating is not recommended for people :

  • with epilepsy
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • carrying any infectious disease,
  • with an open wound,
  • suffering serious psychiatric issues.

In doubt, please seek medical advice.