Float spa centre Bordeaux :
GRAVITI offers you more than just relaxation

The benefits of float therapy have been the subject of scientific study and research for almost 60 years. One thing is certain, the opinion of the clients of our spa in Bordeaux, Nouvelle Aquitaine, is unanimous: floating at GRAVITI reduces stress and anxiety.

So take a real break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, from the stress of an active life, from more or less serious physical and mental worries.

Take a moment to yourself and come and relax in a real bubble of serenity in the centre of Bordeaux, for an unforgettable experience thanks to our sensory isolation tanks.

Whether you are a businessman looking for peace and quiet, a university student wanting to improve your concentration, a mother or father looking for a real moment of relaxation or an athlete looking to improve his performance, did you know that there is a magical place in the Gironde region of France, in Bordeaux, which offers all of this in a unique experience?

Welcome to the GRAVITI float center – spa, not far from the Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge and the Cité du Vin in the Bassins à Flots district.

The capital of the Gironde is known beyond France for its industrial and cultural dynamism, its cutting-edge companies in the aeronautics and space sectors among others, its rich heritage, its university… but above all for its wine, its gastronomy and a certain art de vivre.

It is therefore quite natural that the GRAVITI float centre – spa was established there, not far from the Port de Plaisance des Bassins de Bordeaux, shortly after the opening of our first dedicated location, in the centre of Lyon, another capital of “good living”.

Sensory deprivation tanks in Bordeaux, what exactly is it ?

You’ve probably already heard of these sensory isolation “pods”. The hi-tech tanks of our centre allow you to float for an hour outside the world and its endless injunctions.

Invented in the 1960s in the United States by John C. Lilly, a medical researcher and neuroscientist, float tanks are designed to block out all sensory sensation.

Resolutely hi-tech, our float tanks with their soft, futuristic design, block out all external visual and sound stimuli. Manufactured in the UK by the world’s leading manufacturer of sensory deprivation tanks, the capsules are state of the art for a gentle experience.

Thanks to the Epsom salt in the water of the tanks and the ideal air and water temperatures, your body is in an unprecedented state of weightlessness allowing a real levitation, an absolute relaxation for all your senses.

For benefits that go far beyond absolute relaxation.

Physical, intellectual and psychological : some recognised benefits

A one hour session in our Bordeaux float centre has a positive impact on your body, mind and spirit. More than 200 scientific studies demonstrate the positive holistic aspects of sensory deprivation.

Benefits for the body

The state of weightlessness allows, in a few minutes, an absolute relaxation of the muscles and joints. This deep relaxation is much more effective than a massage:

– alleviates chronic pain caused by lack of activity: neck, back, shoulders, etc.

– accelerates muscular recovery: our centre welcomes many athletes and their opinions are unanimous.

– soothes many physical concerns: premenstrual syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

To find out more about the physical benefits and scientific studies, visit the following page: « Why Float».

Intellectual benefits

Our float bubbles cancel out all external information and stimulation. The absence of stress changes your brain activity. Remember that this was the aim of the first sensory isolation machines.

Floating in our pods considerably reduces stress and therefore ensures, among other things, an improvement in the quality of sleep (effect on cortisol) and concentration.

However, some people opt for an “active” session: by concentrating, our clients are able to stimulate their creativity, find solutions to difficult problems and perfect their learning.

To find out more about the intellectual benefits and scientific studies, visit the following page: « Why Float».

Psychological benefits

The inventor of the first float tanks in the 1960s has of course tested them. And despite their discomfort at the time, he felt a deep state of meditation from the first session.

During floating, the absence of stimuli leads to a real relaxation a few minutes after the start of the session. In the opinion of all our clients, a real state of well-being is established and maintained.

Isolation allows for the appearance of theta brain waves, those of the deep meditative state, with an effect on symptoms of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, and even helps in the withdrawal of addictions.

To find out more about the psychological benefits and scientific studies, visit the following page: « Why Float».

To sum up, the float bubbles in our Bordeaux centre are real little hi-tech gems that allow you to really get away from everyday life, to recharge your batteries and start off on the right foot.

The float therapy specialist in Bordeaux: a magical place and a caring team

Once you walk through the door of our float spa, you enter a calm, colourful and warmly decorated place.

Our staff take care of each customer to optimise the experience.

The welcome is warm (read the customer reviews on the first page of the website) and “à la carte”.

You will receive all the information before the session and enjoy the facilities of the venue. Each float pod occupies a room with an equipped shower: shampoo, care cream, hair dryer, etc.

Showering is mandatory before and after floating for obvious reasons of hygiene.

The water in the pools, which is already sterile thanks to Epsom salt, is filtered three times between each session, before being treated with UV light. Cabin, capsule and shower are of course disinfected between each client.

The session may begin with selected music or guided meditation and end in the same way. It is recommended to float without a swimming costume, but again it depends on your choice.

During the float time, the customer is free to leave the lid of the capsule open, the music on all the time or a dim light on.

The ‘journey’ inside the pod is so great, the relaxation so deep, that it takes a while to come back to reality.

Don’t panic, our decompression lounge is waiting for you with its comfortable armchairs, a cup of tea or herbal tea and the attentive ear of our staff for a debriefing. This moment of sharing the unique experience is by all accounts a fruitful and welcome exchange.

So, whether it’s for you or a gift for your loved ones, don’t hesitate to book your bubble of happiness here, we are expecting your visit for a magical moment.

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How to enjoy the GRAVITI float therapy experience
in Bordeaux ?

Our float spa is located in the Bassins à Flots area of Bordeaux at number 62 rue Lucien Faure; for cars, a paying car park (G1 Bassins à Flot) is located just opposite GRAVITI.

Here are the public transport solutions:

Tramway B: stop La Cité du Vin.

Bus line 35 – 4 – 7 stop “Faure-Brunet”.

Ferry: Les Hangars (Médoc).

Open: 6 days a week

Opening hours: 10:30 to 22:30.

For more information, please contact ushere.