Any questions on float therapy ?

I want to book a session with a voucher/ bon cadeau

You can redeem a voucher (“bon cadeau”) directly online via the “Book Now” menu.
The following information will be required :

  • your coordinates (names/surname/e-mail and phone),
  • whether it is a solo or duo voucher
  • the number of your voucher

See you soon

What should I expect from a float session ?

To each astronaut its unique experience. However, chances are that you will live something that you have never experienced before. Keep in mind that, the more you float, the more intense and beneficial your sessions. Learn more about the benefits of float therapy here.

Is floating yet another temporary trend ?

Far from that. Float therapy has existed for over 40 years. Its physical, spiritual and intellectual benefits have long been measured and validated by many scientific papers, mainly anglo-saxon ones. There are several hundreds float centers in the US and in several anglo coutnries.

To learn more about the clinical studies, please read here.

Is there a "right way" to float ?

There is no good or bad way to float. Find the position that feels most natural. Lights on or off (endless debate of lovers). The capsule lid is closed or semi-open if you prefer. Start your session with some music or ambient sound of your choice and float away. Leave us after your session or preferably enjoy our decompression chamber to slowly come back to your senses.

How should I prepare for my float session ?

Ideally, eat a light meal and avoid caffeine 90 minutes before floating. It also recommended that you should not shave or depilate shortly before floating, as the Epsom salt might sting a bit. Please do not use any body oil or lotion that could alterate our filtration system.

Is float therapy hygienical ?

Strict hygiene standards are the nom for our staff in order to guarantee a perfectly hygienic activity. The water, which is saturated with Epsom salt, hence naturally sterile is three times totally filtrated between each session. The solution goes through a filter that is 1 micron wide (100 times thinner than the diameter of of human hair). It is disinfected with UV antibacterial light. The water is tested on a daily basis in order to ensure a confortable and safe session. Finally, our float rooms are carefully disinfected between each user.

Can you tell us more about the float tanks that are used ?

Our float tanks are built in the United Kingdom by the marketleader, with a 25 year old experience. True float therapy pioneers !

What will the effect of floatation and Epsom salt on my skin be?

The 500 kg of Epsom salt will leave your skin silken, and your hair soft and light. No risk at all of getting out of the capsule wrinkled as a prune ! It is even the opposite, since Epsom salt (or magnesium sulfate for insiders) is famous for its moisturizing, exfoliating and restorative properties. It has been used since Antiquity, and is now widely used in spas and salons.

What if I am claustrophobic ?

No worries : the float capsule is spacious and can be opened at any times by the user. You will be able to choose to float in a closed, open or semi open capsule, lights on or off, your are the only captain aboard ! The ceiling is more than 80 cm far from your face. If you are able to take a lift without panicking then you should be able to float without any anxiety at all.

What if I wear contact lenses ?

You better remove them in order to avoid any issue. Make sure to bring the necessary items.

Can I float while pregnant ?

Of course. Before floating, we recommend that you seek advice from your physician or midwife.

The absence of gravity relieves any feelling of heaviness as well as pregnancy induced pain (eg. athritis, inflammations) In addition, scientists have demonstrated that floating in sensory deprivation reduces cortisol levels and boosts endorphins. This, in turn helps fight pregnancy induced hormonal changes that can cause insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Some women even describe feeling a better connection with their baby, by way of waht is called the “mirror effect” : the baby lies still in the uterus while his/her mother experiences the exact same sensation.

How old must I be to float ?

Users from 14 year old on are able to come float on their own. Below that age, a written authorization and/or accompanying by parents will be required It is however forbidden to come float with your candies !

Are there any contraindications to float therapy ?

Floating is not recommended for people :

  • with epilepsy
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • carrying any infectious disease,
  • with an open wound,
  • suffering serious psychiatric issues.

In doubt, please seek medical advice.

What is the best time for floating ?

In the morning, afternoon or evening, depending on your goals and schedule. For instance in the morning to fight stress or visualize a mentally straining day, in the afternoon to recover after a sport session or take a break from the noise, or in the evening to unwind and prepare to a deeply restorative night of sleep. To each his own rhythm.

I just have had my hair colored, can I come for a float session ?

For the sake of your hair color as well as our immaculate capsules, please wait for your shampoo water to be clear before coming for a float. The risk being that your coloring be spread into the water if it has been made less than 8 days before floating. Should that happen, we would have to charge you the sum of €2000. This amount covers the opeating loss of three days, which are necessary to fully empty the pods and make them operational again. Do not take any chances and let us know if you have recently had your hair colored 🙂

How long does the float session last ?

The float session lasts 60 minutes. Your mind is deprived from all distraction and your body liberated from gravity. You experience the absolute nothingness. A post float decompression chamber is here to allow you to slowly come back to your senses while sipping a herbal tea. We recommend scheduling 1 hour and a half total in order to fully enjoy the experience without being in any rush. More information here.

What happens when I float ?

In pitch black with your ears just below the water surface, nothing can reach you. The outer world does not exist anymore. Your attention can then fully focus on your mind… that is where your adventure starts ! To learn more about the principles of float therapy, that is over here.

What should I wear to float ?

Your float capsule as well as your float room being private, most users choose to float naked. In addition, the feeling of your bathing suit against your skin is a tactile distraction that can interfere with the full sensory deprivation experience. Non-aquatic garment is anyway forbidden inside the float capsule.

Can I float together in the same capsule with someone else ?

Nice try, but no 🙂 Our capsules are for individual use only. A float session is a personal experience, and even if you love each other very much, you will invetably end up drifting away and touching each other, which would compromise the sensory deprivation The center has 4 capsules, which allows you to try the experience at the same time as your loved one(s). We even offer a preferential rate for duo sessions. More information on our offers over here

Covid - 19 : what risks and what measures ?

SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19 is not propagated through water.

The Société française d’hygiène hospitalière (SF2H) recently analyzed the propagation risk through water of SARS-CoV-2 in public pools, and put forward a notice 9th march 2020. The full report is available here.

There is, to date no proof that the virus spread between human beings through the use of spas and pools. In addition, float therapy is an individual practice, the risk of direct contamination is low. However, we recommand wearing a mask in public areas and hand sanitizing gel is availabe everywhere in the center. Cleaning and disinfection procedures, which were already drastic, have been reinforced between each user.

What does a float capsule contain ?

Approximately 30 cm of skin temperature water, saturated with Epsom salt. This water upon which you will effortlessly float will make you lose any sense of space. Soon, you will no longer be able to distinguish the frontier between the water surface and that of your skin Did someone say levitation ?

I am afraid I will not be able to float...

No worries. Epsom salt will do the work for you. In fact, it is not even possible to turn over without knowing, even if you fall asleep inside the capsule. You could not NOT float, should you want to !

Can I float during my period?

Yes, just follow the same procedure as when you go to the pool, for instance. Did you know ? Float therapy is also known for relieving pre-menstrual syndrome related pain. Learn more about studies here.

I am big and/or tall, can I use your capsule ?

Float capsules are often used by NBA basketball players. The capsule is 2m50 long by 1m70 wide : it can accomodate all sizes and shapes without any issue.

What is the cancellation policy ?

You can cancell your booking up to 24 hours before the session. Beyond that, the reservation is due.

How often should I float ?

Although float therapy can be practised daily without any hazard, its effects last much longer that a day. For optimal results, we recommend floating on a regular basis. Many float therapy enthusiasts report meaningful effects from one session per month up to several sessions per week.

If that is your first time, we recommend testing 3 sessions in a rather short delay (eg. 3 times in 3 weeks time). This allows both your body and mind to get accustomed to the flotation feeling in order to get the most benefits out of it.

People seeking relief from a specific illness (stress, chronic pain…) report positive impacts on their live by floating at least once a week, and once a month as a maintenance when symptoms have decreased. A recent study on patients suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic anxiety or depression shows that they felt noticeably better after only 12 sessions. The same study highlights that these positive effects stil showed 4 months after the last session.More information here)

Just like sport, a regular flotation practice allows for visible and long-lasting benefits. All without even breaking a sweat !

Does flotation have psychedelic effects?

Almost. Many float users report experimenting altered states of consciousness during their session, due to the complete sensory deprivation. Perception of time and space is altered. Floating is an amazing way to get far away, without eating any strange blue mushroom or risking prison 🙂

Can I come as a group?

Absolutely ! The center has 4 float capsules that can be booked simultaneously.

Whether it be for a bachelor / bachelorette party, a team building activity or simply a fun night out in group in Lyon or Bordeaux, feel free to contact us directly to make the reservation.