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You have just slipped into your float capsule.

Deprived of external noises and stimuli, and after an initial phase that is sometimes disconcerting, your body and mind gradually become accustomed to a new state of sensory non-involvement.

Your brain switches modes within minutes.

Your beta (β) brain waves, those of wakefulness and activity, gradually give way to theta (θ) waves.Your brain switches modes within minutes.

Typical of intense relaxation or mindfulness meditation, these are also the brain waves of REM sleep, the recovery phase par excellence for the mind (emotions, learning, memory).

With this altered state of consciousness comes a whole host of clinically proven physiological benefits; the first being a significant and prolonged drop in your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

You don’t need to learn Greek or know how to swim to try it out now…

Just let yourself FLOAT

Beat stress and optimise your well-being in Lyon or Bordeaux.

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