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If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately, you are not alone.


According to Mark Smith, historian of the senses (yes, there is such a thing) the pandemic has caused a ‘sensory revolution’ because of the rapid change in the way we use our senses to navigate the world.

Many people experience ‘sensory overload’ more often than before. Exposure to certain triggers (lights, sounds, images) can make you lose concentration and become irritable.

Disruption of routines and drastic changes in the way we live, work and interact are also important factors.


The perfect antidote? Sensory deprivation.


By depriving the brain of external noise and stimuli, you disconnect from external aggression for an hour.

This allows you to reconnect and refocus on what matters most to you.

You were not born to be a slave to the demands of the world.

Friends of Bordeaux, Friends of Lyon: treat yourself to a moment of well-being, out of time and space.