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Float and achieve your goals!

Sensory deprivation floating is a powerful tool to enhance your learning. Boost your memory and concentration by floating!


1/ A calm mind in a relaxed body

The deep relaxation induced by floating promotes a calmer mind.

It is in this state of deep relaxation that you are able to give your full attention to the content you need to memorise.

This makes it easier for you to absorb and retain knowledge. After several sessions you can even hope to become a true learning machine.

Finally, the reduction in stress induced by float therapy will also help you to look forward to your exams more calmly.


2/ No distractions on the horizon

The nothingness of floating provides a distraction-free environment. This state cannot be replicated other than in a float tank.

When your undivided attention is needed to accomplish a specific task, you can rely on flotation to help you achieve laser focus.


3/ The right brain frequency

When suspended weightlessly in absolute nothingness, your brain enters a highly receptive state.

Deprived of external noise and stimuli, beta brain waves (arousal and activity) gradually give way to theta waves. These are the waves of intense relaxation and mindfulness meditation. They are characteristic of REM sleep, the recovery phase par excellence for the mind (emotions, learning, memorisation).


BONUS: How Navy Seals used flotation to learn a language in 6 weeks

In their book “Stealing Fire”, Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal have documented an inspiring example of using flotation to boost learning.

For those living in a cave, the Navy Seals are the main special force of the United States Navy. This highly trained elite unit is assigned to the most dangerous missions around the world.

At the Navy Seals headquarters in Virginia, in the Mind Gym complex, there are several float tanks and other advanced tools for training soldiers.

The Seals worked with researchers at Advanced Brain Monitoring (Carlsbad, California) to understand how to use float therapy to accelerate their learning.

By using float sessions to remove all distractions and stimulate specific brainwave states, the Seals were eventually able to reduce the time it took to learn a foreign language from six months… to six weeks.


Treat yourself to elite-level preparation!


PS: Fellow students, know that you benefit from a preferential rate of 49€ for your float session.


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