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"If you expose a stressed nervous system to an environment that covers all its basic needs, where it is not constantly pulled in one direction or the other by the contingencies of the outside world, then the inner world relaxes and all that stress goes away.<br>
Our brains and our mental health are a by-product of the environment in which we exist."

Dr Justin Feinstein
Director of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research

A New Dawn

In this TED talk, Dr Justin Feinstein explains how float therapy can help disconnect the nervous system from the constant stream of stimuli of everyday life, and in doing so, help individuals reconnect with themselves, especially those suffering from stress and anxiety.</p>
<p>In particular, you will learn:


The alarming level of demand on our senses in the world today


How incapable we have become of being alone for more than a few minutes and what the consequences are


Why and how to develop a total sensory deprivation environment


What surprising and rapid results Dr. Feinstein has achieved on his patients with float REST therapy