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Do you know about EIGENLICHT?

For those who have not had the chance to do German as a second language, here is a helping hand:
EIGENLICHT (inner light) or EIGENGRAU (intrinsic grey) is the colour perceived by the human eye in complete darkness.

Indeed, in total darkness, paradoxically, what the human eye perceives is not the absolute blackness that is anticipated in the absence of light. On the contrary, we detect a black light, a kind of “visual noise”, which tends towards a dark shade of grey, #16161d in hexadecimal code for the geeks.

Physiological blackness is therefore impossible because it is always parasitized by our own internal noise and, therefore, condemned to be only this famous EIGENLICHT grey for ever.

Yes, we remain a being of perception that lives only through its own limited senses.

In short, if you thought you were afraid of the dark, in fact you simply are…

… afraid of your own inner light.


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