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The concept of sensory deprivation may seem a little strange at first. Yoga, meditation, massage or most wellness treatments are now known. Unlike floating away from the five senses. However, not only are the benefits numerous, but the process of a session is as simple as can be. This is how the GRAVITI team welcomes you to its two spa centres specialising in sensory deprivation float in Bordeaux and Lyon.


What should you bring ?

The answer is simple: you don’t need anything.

Floating around naked is strongly recommended to eliminate the sensation of touch. Sensory isolation will be more effective if there are no ‘hindrances’ to the body.

Of course, if you think you will be better in a swimming costume, don’t worry, you’ll see: everything is done here to meet your needs.

You don’t need any shower equipment either, we provide everything: towels, shampoo, beauty creams, make-up remover, body care, hair dryer, etc

Flip flops are also provided to help you move around smoothly.

But before the shower, let’s see how the reception is going.

For your first visit, we recommend that you arrive at the centre a good 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. In the meantime, our team will explain to you how a float session works. You are given information about sensory deprivation and what you can expect from it.

You will be given a ‘float manual’ to find out more, including how the sensory isolation capsules work.

Two important things not to do before the session:

– To float optimally, try to eat a light meal and avoid caffeine at least 90 minutes before the appointment.

– Do not shave or wax, Epsom salt (or magnesium sulphate), which allows floating, is a powerful antibacterial, you may feel a tingling sensation; similarly, you should avoid floating if you have an open wound.


You leave your shoes in a locker, put on our flip-flops and head for your private shower cabin… before diving into your float tank.

A float session that fits your needs

First of all, you should know that our float ‘bubbles’ are suitable for larger sizes. Many sportsmen and women of large stature come to our centres, but also pregnant women.

If, of course, the sensory isolation is done in a closed capsule, in complete darkness, it is possible to leave the lid of the chamber half-open. You can also keep the soft blue light of the pool on, there is a switch inside.

Before floating, you will have chosen the music which, for a few minutes, will accompany you on your immobile journey. Or to help you let go, a guided meditation. The same music will be played just before the end of the session. You can also choose to keep this sound track throughout the float.

Especially during the first session, it takes a few minutes to find the right position and to get used to the feeling of well-being provided by the warm water at an ideal temperature and the weightlessness.

Then you’re in for a truly unique moment in your life, an experience like no other. The benefits of floating, Epsom salt and float therapy are yours to enjoy: relaxation of the body, brain and mind, elimination of pain, effects on sleep, etc. (To find out more about the benefits of floating and the scientific studies that prove it, click here)

The soft music sounds, we have to get out of the pod, but the session is not quite over.

The exit from the float room is at your own pace. A hot shower awaits you to wash away the Epsom salt and enjoy our carefully selected care products.

Afterwards, our team invites you to a precious moment of exchange in our decompression lounge.

Coming back from a trip in a float tank takes some time. As you can read on our pages, the brain has experienced an ultimate moment of relaxation, it is in a slightly second state, it must slowly return to reality. And so does the body.

After the shower, we head for our back-to-earth area: a lounge with soft lighting, serene calm and comfortable relaxing armchairs.

There, the GRAVITI team will offer you an herbal tea and share your experience with you. Specialists in float therapy, they will be able to listen to you, talk to you and also explain. In the opinion of all our clients, this moment of sharing ends the session brilliantly. And it lasts as long as it takes, until you feel up to it.


Afterwards, it’s back to active life, back to everyday life… Yes, but with a new strength, an active appeasement, a calmed sleep, a weakened stress, an increased concentration… because the benefits of a time in a sensory isolation tank last beyond the session.

So don’t hesitate and book an appointment now to enjoy this magical moment, this unparalleled experience, this unequalled relaxation. And, as you will have understood, it is certainly the most original and effective wellness gift you can give.